On the mountainside of magnificent Tänndalen is Skarljus, a genuine mountain village with a contemporary twist. Here, you experience the feeling of a small village, where open spaces meet winding village streets. The houses consist of several floors in different sizes, who’s placement is dictated by the sharply sloping terrain. The facades are decorated with handcrafted details and the porch is in focus with its playful richness of detail. Inspired by the traditional granaries of the Härjedalen valley, the architecture of the houses has been reinterpreted in a modern way to meet today’s needs of comfort. All homes have an open and functional floor plan that encourages spontaneous and relaxed social interactions. Fireplace, bucket showers and generous glazing, provide space to take in the wondrous views, and are just some of the elements that guide the experience of the interior of the home.

  • Mountain Lodges, Tänndalen

  • Avino Development AB

  • Concept development, interior- and exterior architecture, urban planning