Selected Femme/Homme

Selected is an international brand with Nordic roots, which through the new opening of its store in Aarhus, Denmark, is launching a new store concept called “Modern Traveller”. The name represents the contemporary tailored look with a focus on well-made details, high quality, and durable materials. Selected has a clear focus on the basic wardrobe essentials but with a young and trendy touch that is clearly reflected in the interiors. This is achieved through a calm and soft basic palette of Nordic natural materials such as light wood and granite, meeting sharp materials such as stainless steel and colored plexiglass. The lighting creates an identity, and gives a lively and inviting impression from the street. The store experience is warm and tasteful with a personal energizing twist!


  • Store concept, Aarhus

  • Bestseller United A/S

  • Concept development and interior design