The Holmbergska villa was an exclusive summer residence in Södertälje, originally built in 1885. When the villa was torn down in 1966, the dining room and enclosed veranda was saved and donated to the open-air museum Torekällberget, adjoining it to the back of the Patonska building. In 2021, the whole building was lifted to a new location in one single move. The new site will better resemble the original site of the villa and make the building accessible for the public. The 1966 addition was replaced by a new more historically correct, fronted by a new courtyard showing a trace of the original footprint. The dining room wall facing the torn down villa, now a façade, was remodelled using historically correct detailing with paneling and woodworks. The Patonska building was restored, reconstructing an enclosed staircase, to where it now stands as it did on the main square of Södertälje.


Here is a link to a video on how they moved the Holmbergska villa.

  • Residence, Södertälje

  • Telge Fastigheter AB

  • Concept development, interior design and architecture