Ica Maxi Österåker

The main vision behind the design of ICA Maxi Österåker has been the unifying roof that frames the building and gives a warm and caring expression. The repetition in the facade gives calm and lightness to the building, with its emphasized vertical elements where the facade consists of wood, and reflective aluminum sheets that break up the building’s volume with its regular rhythm and reflects its surroundings. Green areas with space for play and recreation have been planned in the vicinity of the building and the ground parking has been provided with lots of greenery and generous zoning for pedestrians and cyclists. Koncept are the responsible architects behind the design idea, concept development and architecture. The building has been awarded Gold in the Miljöbyggnad certification program.

  • Retail concept

  • ICA Fastigheter Sverige AB

  • Concept development, exterior architecture, façade lighting concept, landscaping