Hagby Äng och Kulle

Next to Österåker’s golf club, a new neighborhood is emerging in Åkersberga with the small-scale garden city as a role model. Here, housing, green areas and shops will create a lively and safe community, with sustainability in focus. In the master-planning work, Koncept has acted as project support for the three developers who are developing the area; Gillöga, Magnolia and Nordr in consultation with Österåker municipality. Together with Gillöga, we have also developed the concept for their part of the area, where we have developed three different housing types for a diversity of housing forms; detached houses in the form of row-houses and quay-houses as well as townhouses for several families.

  • Urban planning, Österåker

  • Gillöga, Magnolia, Nordr

  • Concept development and urban planning