Dashl Beauty Bars are housed in fashion stores internationally, such as here at H&M in Hamburg. The interior is “all in Dashl” through a consistent use of the brand’s nude pink colour. The mix of materials give a sense of premium quality and a modern feel. The room is framed by soft nude pink drapes and on the walls are organically shaped mirrors paired with fluorescent lighting. The tables consist of an Instagram-friendly top in durable terrazzo and a table stand in warm wood that conceals all storage. Dried flowers are the hallmark of the welcome desk and as decor. The goal has been to create a confident, inspiring, accessible and feminine environment where visitors should feel that they are on holiday from everyday life for a while. Foto: Niklas Günther & Fiorella De Lübbe

  • International Beauty Bar Concept

  • Dashl AB

  • Concept development and interior design