As customer’s demands for good retail experiences increases, Åhléns City needed a more distinct identity in the department store’s physical environment. Using their base furniture range in Scandinature colours, Koncept Stockholm made ​​expressive additions and developed new retail concepts for increased sales. At Åhléns Children we created a fairytale lansdscape at eye-level for the young ones, campaign spots with “animal furniture” and at the same time providing a good overview for adults. The customer at the home department can navigate between clearly signposted and fully stocked departments drawing inspiration from "the dream home”. A well-earned break is offered at Restaurant Voltaire which caters vegetarian food for health-conscious visitors.
Sport outfits and accessories is found in the department Sport and Balance, a brand new section with it’s own interior concept for a fashion conscious and sound shopper. For those looking for a different kind of relaxation there is an obvious choice: Café Å lait - a French patisserie that has become a major sales success. Several of the concepts are now rolled out nationwide.

Project facts

Assignment: Conceptual development and interior design

Client: Åhléns

Year: 2015


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