A traditional jazz club in a traditional location that presents 350 events every year and has been running since 1977. At this venue, the fresh found talents play among the real stars. At this place, the inveterate jazz lover meets the young music minded, who is in the search for a club with the coolest soul and vibe. A symbiosis of challengers and legends. An interesting breeding ground for an upgrade of Fasching’s new foyer. A mix between something new and modern with something that almost scent of choked old jazz. Lively, innovative and curious. Comfortable, traditional and genuine. We extended the tunes of Fasching out on Kungsgatan to awaken the curiosity and interest among the people who pass by. With beautiful light sources, a visual bar and frontal glazing, the foyer acts like a lively stage out towards the street. The new foyer – the beginning and conclusion of a smashing night!

Project facts

Brief: Jazz club, Stockholm
Assignment: Conceptual idea and interior design
Client: Fasching
Year: 2017


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