Haymarket by Scandic

The classic building that housed the department store PUB for over a century has undergone a thorough rebuild. With this change, a new landmark has been created: Haymarket by Scandic. Stepping into the hotel, you’re surrounded by a 20’s world with all its glamour and joie de vivre, but yet with a sense of something contemorary. To celebrate the building and its history, banisters has been re-created, graphics pick up detailing from the facade and dozens of light fixtures, furniture and wallpaper has been custom made for the hotel. Gretas Café with its powdery pastels, the American brasserie Paul’s and the lush bar Americain – they all breathe a cinematic decadence in their own unique ways.

Project facts

Brief: Hotel, Stockholm

Assignment: Conceptual architect, interior and detail design.

Client: Scandic hotels AB

Year: 2016


Press inquiry

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